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Tons of features,
badly programmed

Ericsson T39m Product Image

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The german version is more actual and has more text/links within, since it is the original version of this article, and some stuff is specifically for germany...

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It reflects my experiences with the T39m

Positive: Small, nearly no weight, battery, features (Bluetooth...), display
Negative: Display-size, software (see text)


After I've heard of an (firm-internal) ePlus special campaign in July that was actually unbeatable, I got myself a contract. Of course I could select a new mobile-phone, which should replace my good old NEC (see my other report Internal link to a sub-page on Lestarte.com - opens in a new window - in german) - which lately due to the high age unfortunately more than ever freaked out. My desision fell on the T39m first of all due to the Design, and afterwards also because of the tons of features.
At 07.09.01 I got the T39m, which I believe should be established on the market as "T36". This is my first Ericsson by the way.


Introduced enough, let's start:
It comes along with many features e.g. Bluetooth, infrared interface, calendar with Organizer- and date-function, Outlook synchronisation *, PC software, EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service = long SMS with 6x160 characters), 2 games (are however rather moderate, and probably meant for Nokia users ;), TriBand ability (GSM 900/1800/1900, thus in- and outside of Europe usable!), Dictation function (quality/length adjustable), GPRS (general packet radio service) and HSCSD (High speed Circuit Switched Data) up.

Standards such as vibrating ring, WAP Browser (v1.2.1), eMailbox, T9, VoiceDial, 4 graytone-display, date, stop watch, timer, alarm-bell, calculator, 30 numbers calling list, memory for 511 numbers and profiles are also integrated, how it should be for a mobile-phone in this price-category (around the 600-800,-DM without contract **). Additionally it is ultralight (86g) and super-small (96x50x18mm), it's even carriable in a trouser pocket without disturbing, and the flip does act as a keyboard disabling wich therefore is not needed anymore.
If one wants to switch fastly to 'silent-mode', then one only needs to press on ' C ' for a long time and acknowledge with YES, very practically.
One can put VoiceDial directly on the flip-function, i.e. if one opens the flip and says the desired name, it simply calls his number.
The flip serves also the acceptance of an incoming call, but that is however customizable.

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SMS: Quite good is that behind the file name (Inbox, Sent, etc.) a number indicates the amount of (new) messages. When a call is incoming whilst typing SMS, the written text is saved automatically in the directory 'Unsent', and therefore considered as a big plus for this phone :)

If the display is in powersaving-mode, a possibly selected background picture is faded out and only one line with text is displayed on the bottom. Since idiotically the name of the network provider alternates with the time-display, no fast view on the clock is possible in this (normal) mode. One must wait usually until the display switches to 'time' (I have always the luck to see my provider-name instead of the time). That is just as sucky as with the NEC, there alternates the LOCKED (keyboard-lock) display also with the time :(
Additionally it's noticeable that the line rather above or in the center should be displayed, since one mostly looks on the mobile-phone from inclined down if it lays on the desk for example, and then the line down is a little bit covered.
The circumstance that the 'C' key (cancel) does not react from the closed status sucks, even 'C' would be still attainable from the 'outside' in the closed status of the flip. One could light up the display quickly to read the time...
The laterally attached 'Scrollbutton' has the function of displaying an infobox in normal mode, which shows date, profile, estimated remaining battery-time and few further data. That is practical, however it is here exactly the same: if the flip is closed and one presses this scrollbutton, no light is switched on till one opens the flip... For my terms too much powersaving-goodies. I don't wanna have to open the flip each time to have light.
Also the Scrollbutton does not function in every case when long text is accommodated, which should still is modified.

If we already talk about the light: The service/info-LED attached above cannot be disabled! It blinks all 2 or 3 seconds to show that the mobile-phone is connected (whereby one can actually notice whether one switched it on or not...). That is nervy and diverting (e.g. whilst driving), it should only flash if one gets a SMS or a eMail, but the Ericsson software-programmers probably have a different opinion.
With my NEC e.g. the service LED, and signaled only the input of SMS or critical energy status is disconnectible.

Also the acknowledgement-tone is EXTREMELY nervy if one makes an incorrect input or a function to call which is not available. One cannot disable this. Besides it is also louder than all other signals... Should one have oneself to be ashamed in front of other humans, if one makes an error? Amusing way of thinking.
Also when logging onto the network after switching on, there are unfortunately 3 ack.-tones, which cannot be disabled. Who knows, perhaps the developers were somewhat playful in their T39-phase...

The battery has only 600mAh to offer, on the paper for today's conditions thus not very much, but the Ericsson nevertheless goes so to being sufficient SAM with the meager and breath-thin energy source around that these for at least 200 hours normal operation been sufficient.
The vibration alarm sounds sometimes, particularly with the receipt of SMS and if perhaps the mobile-phone is situated on the desk softly bedded, somewhat too cheaply, but I am too delicate there also simply only by the really very good VA of the NEC *g*. Additionally I can already imagine that's impossible to get a good VA in such a flat phone.

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To the keyboard quality would be to be said perhaps also still importantly briefly: It is only my third mobile-phone, but it is actually good to serve, and also the message tapping does not fall heavily, but small little quieter keys would be desirable in some situations. I was so far simply used to that and find it better.

Thanks to the Bluetooth-technique one can use also a radio Headset with the T39, which operates by radio within a 10 meter-radius. That is with 450, - average price not even cheap. There exists also the following accessoires: CommuniCam (digital camera), the ChatBoard, and the MP3-Player, all this can be connected down at the mobile-phone. Noble objects for each T39-user...

A small bug was noticeable when I was switching off the phone and the enabled alarm exactly rings in that moment: I had to pull the battery out - a hard reset. To the provided PC software I can only say that it can manage all basic adjustments of the phone, but it does unfortunately not offer more... There is no program for the Auspielen of a new background picture, one can call tones only very with difficulty edit, etc.... Which it is also somewhat stupid that the 6 background in the T39 are fixed integrated and one can take only one space. Simple reason: Upsetting the integrated Logos is stop simply not, and one could replace her loosely with netteren, if it went.

Another small negative thing is with the Design: I do not understand why the mobile-phone is available in only 3 colours (Icecap Blue, Classic Blue and rose White). 'no silver?' will each design-oriented trendy guy will ask himself? I asked myself too, and decided to take Classic Blue, that looks admittedly rather well.

In any case and despite the many deficits - which certainly are remediable by a software update, I think - my recommendation for a first-class HighEnd product. I have, by the way, a version manufactured in Malaysia, rumours say that there exists another Swedish version, which should be slightly better processed. For my concerns, the flap is properly built and there are no negative things to say about this.
Accessories are hard to get at the moment, due to the introduction on the market, which shortly took place, but that will surely change quite soon. Even the technics-store of my confidence ;) wanted to get some essential things such as Headset and a car-charger-cable pretty soon.


(* Okay, the Outlook-thing is probably no benediction, but who needs it should use it ;)
(** You should check for it through alleauktionen.de, it browses all german auctions, or a similiar searchengine for local auctons in your country)

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Interactive Shockwave-presentation (test the phone from heart to skin)
Pics & Infos 1
Pics & Infos 2
Pics & Infos 3
Accessoires 1
Accessoires 2
Interactive testing of one of the games

grey dotTips & Secrets

To display the firmware-version and more go in the Service-menu (press the key sequence r*ll*l *. legend: r = menu key on the right, l = menu key left, * = asterisk). Some of the available functions in this menu:
Software-version, SIMlock-info., IMEI
Service-tests: Real time clock, Microphone/Speaker/Buzzer/Vibra, keyboard, LED/Illumination, display, Flips (how often the flip was used)

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