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Trademarks, which are eventually exist on my pages, are used without separate indication. All labels are property of their appropriate, respected owner.

Since I cannot have knowledge of all registered trademarks, I state the following: I can and should be contacted in every case of a possible trademark protection fault, copyright infringement or any other problems with content listed on these pages exists. In order to eliminate the problem fast, without the force of law and unbureaucratically, this is the correct way.

Furthermore I dissociate myself explicit from the opinions on linked pages. They do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion. When a page is linked, it's meant to supply extended information and resources for the specific topic.

Downloads are offered without guarantee and for your own responsibility.


Information on 'Disclaimers' (german) - Few people know, that the widespread common disclaimer is partly invalid, and grounds on an alleged court decision.
- Source: Schneegans.de

The Disclaimer-Fairytale (german)
- Source: spiegel.de

Information on 'Links' (german)
- Source: freedomforlinks.de

'Confidentiality Notices' (german) - These are sentences like the following in E-Mails:
"The above and any enclosed document(s) and the information contained in them are intended for the named recipients only..."
- Source: causse.de

The definition of "private homepages"


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