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The Quest for
the Perfect

Various Browsers (Screenshot)

grey dotInternet Explorer - To use, or not to use...

Internet Explorer Logo Even people within the developer-team of the Internet Explorer have to admit: "We clearly have much work to do"
A good, german article about this: computerbase.de.

Well - it is correct, yes. One can be more secure through a firewall (free for private people) , e.g. ZoneLabs ' ZoneAlarm, and a good browser-front-end such as Maxthon (internal link, german only), which is my configuration. If anyone coincidentally still uses Windows 98 (SE), he is able to use the advantage of the host file of Windows, to prevent unwanted (advertising-)servers from loading - simple and fast. If necessary, it works as simple children-protection, too.

grey dotAlternatives

There are some. But they all have their (dis-)advantages, so one couldn't make a clear decision.

Mozilla Firefox Logo Within Firefox you can use the great feature tabbed-browsing, but if the application crashes, all the pages you viewed are lost...

Mozilla Suite Logo Mozilla is nothing more than a complete suite with the Gecko-engine and an E-Mail-client.
For sure, it's not bad, but if you want to use your beloved mail-client in the future too, I use Eudora (internal link, german only), you don't need a suite.

Opera Logo Opera is stuffed with advertising-banners in the free version, and therefore not usable in my opinion. Additionally, if you are common with Maxthon, you will see that "user-friendly"ness is possible in more ways.

I test my pages with all browsers that are available for me, but nevertheless, I can not guarantee a perfect function wit all types of OS'es and browsers.


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