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Who is Bluetooth?
Yes, the question is asked the right way. It doesn't necessarily need to be asked WHAT.
The origin of the word derives from Harald II from Blatand (blue-tooth), and was the surname of the Danish king. He was admitted for always working with allies. This surname was then taken up by engineers of Ericsson and attributed to this project. Today Bluetooth is already supported by many considerable manufacturers from the computer- and mobile world, and nearly daily new Bluetooth-products are thrown into the market.

Ericsson HBH-15
The first Bluetooth Headset from Ericsson
Bluetooth-module - click for bigger version
This is a Bluetooth-module

Bluetooth supports one asynchronous data channel, up to three simultaneous synchronous channels for audio (language), or one channel for asynchronous data communication and synchronous audio transmission at the same time.
An audio channel supports 64 kBit/s synchronously in both directions. The asynchronous data channel supports either one asymmetrical mode with 723,2 kBit/s downstream and 57.6 kBit/s sending speed, or alternatively a symmetrical mode with 433,9 kBit/s in both directions.

Sony Ericsson, das HBH-30
A follow-up Headset of Sony Ericsson, the HBH-30
Sony Ericsson T68i
Sony Ericsson T68i - another BT-cellphone

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Ericsson T39m
T39m - one of the first Bluetooth-mobiles
Bluetooth vPen
Curiosity: The "Bluetooth vPen" transfers handwritten letters by BT to a client, e.g. the PC. Infos:
Bluetooth-module - other version
This is a Bluetooth-module, too

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